Mosicgo Sound System MSS

The Mosicgo Sound System (MSS) delivers an excellent audio performance using a patented technology that combines the driver, passive radiator and box in one singular unit. It also contains an integrated Class D amplifier that delivers a superb dynamic range.  A well-made Aluminum Diaphragm ensures a fast, wide frequency response with a 75Hz- 20KHz frequency range delivering smooth highs and super bass lows. The 8-Watt speaker delivers superior total harmonic distortion <0.1% at 1KHz. From an operational standpoint, its SpeakerGuard ™ integrated protective circuitry is optimized using sound codec and analog/digital filter settings.
Superior sound performance is one of three exceptional features that distinguish the MSS over other brands of projection speakers. The other two reasons are power longevity and outdoor durability. The Mosicgo Battery Management System (MBMS) provides a supplemental power source for extended play time.  The speaker is also IP2 certified against the elements. Ingress protection means that this product is resistant against moisture which comes in handy when used in the outdoors. Superior sound performance, moisture resistance, and enhanced power capacity give this product the long legs needed to stay ahead of other brands. Never leave your movies and music behind when you go on the road.

Added Features:

  1. Patented technology – combines driver, passive radiator and box into one unit
  2. Super bass with low frequencies  to 75 Hz
  3. Aluminum Diaphragm enables  fast response and smooth high pitches to 20KHz
  4. Wide frequency response of 75Hz- 20KHz
  5. Integrated high efficiency  Class D amplifier enhances dynamic range
  6. Integral SpeakerGuard ™ protection circuitry
  7. 8 Watt speaker  has superb Total Harmonic Distortion at <0.1%@1KHz
  8. Optimized on sound codec and analog/digital filter setting s

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