Introduction to Elite Projector / MosicGO® Products

Dave Rodgers 

 The Ultimate Portable Projector from a Trusted Maker:
Visualize a projector that is light enough to travel with you; loaded with stand alone features such as a power bank and wireless speaker system while being affordable enough for even a tight budget to obtain. Elite Projector is a maker of portable LED projection systems now available to consumer electronics shoppers everywhere. The Ultra-Short throw DLP LED projector has a 20,000-hour lamp life. It features a full HD (1920×1080) native resolution and is easy to use.   The MosicGo® features PC-RGB, HDMI, and USB ports giving the end user access to a wide spectrum of media players and software. Each model has a simple design and is IPX2 ingress protection certified against water drop penetration for outdoor use.

3-in-1 features:
The MosicGO® Outdoor Projector , Model: MGFU-S by Elite Projector® is a standalone portable outdoor projector that features a 3-in-1 design.  In addition to serving as a Portable Ultra-Short throw LED projector, it functions as a Standalone internal 8w (x 2) stereo subsystem wireless speakers and Integrated High Capacity Power Bank (37200mAh) charges laptops, tablets or cellphones through USB- C / USB-A ports. This is the ideal product for indoor/outdoor “projection theater to go!”

Take Your Portable Show on the Road:
The MosicGo® projector is bundled with a Portable free-standing projection screen. The Yard Master 2 (OMS58H2) is a lightweight, sturdy, 58” folding-frame projection screen that comes in a 16:9 (HDTV) aspect ratio.

The Origin of Elite Projector / MosicGo® Elite Screens Inc. is a leading CE-Retail brand of projection screens and it is the parent company of Elite Projector. With over 15 years’ experience in the AV-industry, Elite Screens Inc. learned from its own experiences working along side the world’s leading manufacturers of projectors and their accessories. The idea of Elite Projector came about to fill a gap where online shoppers would like a reasonably priced projector with exceptional performance from a known maker. Elite Projector accepted the challenge to take exceptional video performance and put it into an ultra-short-throw format that includes added features like a power bank and stand-alone sound system. This is how MosicGo® came into development. MosicGo®​, the abbreviation of “Movies, Music, Power – Go!”. This product eclipses the entry-level projectors in the market today by offering quality and multi-purpose features, from a known and trusted brand at a superb price-point.

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