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The Light-On CLR® 3 series is a category of Ceiling Light Rejecting (CLR®) solutions designed to work only with Portable Ultra Short Throw Projectors that combat the wash out effect in bright ceiling light rooms such as classrooms or living rooms. The portable products are available in a 55” (4:3) tripod and 60” (16:9) folding-frame variant.

Matte white screens are not meant to be used in rooms where light cannot be controlled. The projected images lose detail and contrast rendering the presentation unwatchable.

The portable Light-ON CLR® 3 series use our innovative micro structured front projection material that is designed to absorb overhead light which results in retaining a contrast rich image.

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Screen Material

  • CLR® 3 Ceiling Ambient Light Rejecting material absorbs up to 90% of overhead lighting
  • Wide viewing angle allows viewers to see a bright uniform picture from any angle
  • 80x contrast improvement over matte white under ambient light room conditions
  • Micro-serriform optical structure filters out ambient light that produces contrast rich images
  • Compatible only with tabletop mounted ultra-short throw projectors
  • Project within a short distance without shadowing the picture
  • Black backing eliminates light penetration

Projector Screens Design

  • 55” Diagonal Tripod
    • Pull-up retractable design includes keystone eliminator
    • Lightweight black housing includes carrying bag for protection and storage
    • Black tripod skirt included provides an elegant and professional presentation
    • Tab-tension design provides a flat and taut projection surface
    • Top/Bottom black masking borders absorb projector overshoot and enhances picture contrast
    • Carrying bag included for easy transportation, protection and storage
  • 60″ Diagonal Folding-Frame
    • Collapsible folding-frame design assembles effortlessly
    • Material stretches on frame using corner pull-tabs with snap buttons
    • Adjustable legs accommodate various height settings
    • Back brace support on legs for improved stability
    • Padded carrying bag fits entire product for protection and portability
    • 4-sided black masking borders absorb projector overshot and enhances picture contrast

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13-month Manufacturer’s Warranty on the MosicGO® UST Projector & 2-Year / 3-Year ENR-G Warranty for the screen by Elite Screens

Lifetime Tech Support by Elite’s Professional Service Team through Email, Phone or Online Form.

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